Truck Accident Attorneys

Bart Beier AttorneyBeier Law represents individuals both in the Greater Pittsburgh area and across all of Pennsylvania who have sustained injuries or property damage following trucking accidents. We have experience and expertise in handling the issues involved when commercial trucks rollover or collide with passenger cars, as well as when truck drivers cause accidents because they are fatigued or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Beier, Beier & Beier is familiar with the issues that arise in truck-related accidents. A variety of injuries result from these accidents, including facial or upper body burns, whiplash, paralysis, broken bones, brain damage and death. These injures can result in ongoing pain, emotional trauma, depression, loss of independence and livelihood, and lifelong disability. We want to help you through the difficult time following the accident. Let us explain your legal options, and work with all the parties in your case to resolve your legal issues appropriately and efficiently so that your medical bills are paid, your future medical needs are covered and you have been compensated for your pain, suffering and lost wages.