Burn Injury

Pennsylvania Electrocution & Burn Accident Lawyers

Burn injuries result from many different types of accidents.  Caused by extreme heat or caustic chemicals, burn injuries typically occur in car accidents, electrical mishaps, industrial accidents, explosions, and fires. Our attorneys understand the complex and sensitive issues that are unique to burn cases. We will review your situation with you, discuss your legal options, and make sure your case receives the attention and sensitivity it merits.

Millions of burn injuries occur in the United States each year. Around 1.1 million of those burns are serious enough to require medical attention. The physical and emotional trauma of a serious burn injury often requires long-term specialized care. Immediately after the incident, we know you and your family will focus on resolving financial difficulties caused by lost wages, getting medical bills paid, and making sure the insurance company will cover future burn treatments. Our role is to talk with you about your situation, make sure you understand your legal options, and work with the other parties to resolve all your issues as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

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