Car Accidents

Pittsburgh Automobile Accident Lawyers

Beier Law are experienced Pennsylvania car accident attorneys.  We represent people who were involved in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh car, motorcycle or trucking accidents.

Car accidents can result in serious personal injuries and substantial property damage. We realize that injuries sustained in these kinds of accidents can change your life for the worse, and we want to help you move forward. Your injuries may range in severity from minor burns to lifelong disability. Common car accident injuries include whiplash, broken bones, and soft tissue damage.  In more serious collisions, drivers and passengers face the risk of head trauma, nerve damage, paralysis and death.

If you seek our representation, we will seek compensation on your behalf from those parties responsible.  We may pursue claims against other drivers who caused the accident or against auto manufacturers if we discover that a manufacturing or design defect contributed to the accident or your injuries.

After surviving these injuries, we know your first priority will be to make sure the insurance company covers future treatments and pays your current medical bills to fend off further financial hardship. Let us explain your legal rights, explore your options, and work hard to resolve all your legal issues competently and conscientiously.

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