Can You Sue After A Motorcycle Accident?

Can I Sue After A Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle accidents can be particularly devastating because motorcyclists are more vulnerable than automobile drivers. If you’re the victim of a motorcycle accident, you may be owed compensation for your incurred costs, loss of income and emotional and physical suffering. The state of Pennsylvania allows motorcyclists to sue for damages equivalent to the direct expenses incurred […]

Why Don’t Cars “See” Motorcycles?

Why Don't Cars See Motorcycles

It’s said that more than 2/3 of fatal car crashes involve motorcycles. Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable during crashes because they are relatively unprotected. Even motorcyclists who wear helmets and appropriate clothing may become injured when involved in a crash with an automobile. Motorcyclists and automobile drivers who understand why these accidents occur may be able […]

Avoid Child Pedestrian Accidents This Halloween

Avoid Pedestrian Accidents On Halloween

Werewolves and zombies aren’t the only thing you should be looking out for this Halloween. In the past, parents were worried that tampered-with candy posed the biggest threat to their children. However, a recent study by State Farm and research expert Bert Sperling revealed that Halloween night is indeed a dangerous evening for children, but […]