We Are Matching Charitable Contributions To Mt. Oliver Fire Victims: The Rector Family

Rector Family- Victims of the Mt. Oliver Fire

On June 8th, 2014, the neighborhood of Mt. Oliver was devastated by a destructive¬†fire along Ormsby Ave. Immediately following the unforgiving flames, media outlets across the county flocked to the scene to report the destruction: 11 homes destroyed, 4 damaged & 1 uninsured. That one uninsured home belonged to the Rector Family. Like many others, […]

What Pittsburgh’s Land Banking Legislation Means For Local Communities

Abandoned House

On April 14, 2014, the Pittsburgh City Council passed groundbreaking legislation that is poised to help communities address the growing problem of blight in their neighborhoods. After years of decline as this industrial-based city struggled to regain its footing when the crucial manufacturing plants closed their doors, this legislation is paving the way for the […]