Cell Transplants Are Giving Spinal Cord Injuries A Leg To Stand On

Stem Cell Transplants Are Helping Spinal Injuries

In 2014, Dr. Pawel Tabakow of Wroclaw Medical University and this team of surgeons performed the procedure that would change a man’s life forever. Spinal cord injuries have the ability to significantly impact a person’s life, requiring them to become dependent on their loved ones and preventing them from living to the fullest. However, all […]

Information To Collect For A Truck Accident Settlement

Information To Collect After Truck Accident

As you can imagine, being involved in an accident with an eighteen-wheeler comes with some serious repercussions. A collision with a large truck can cause extensive damage to property and severe injury to you and your passengers. If you’re unfortunate enough to get into a trucking accident and sustain damages to your vehicle or if […]